Tome – Scenario data

Overview & information

Data regarding scenarios are located under Scenario/… in Tome. In this category you will find any individual data about the scenario.

ProductionSites (rural businesses) and Towns (cities) are game objects which can vary from scenario to scenario due to different eras and regions. If you want to know how to change the settings of any game objects, you could read it up under Game objects.

Furthermore, the Task and the TaskList are different for each scenario. You can read up on how to create a task list here: Task list.

Under Game Characters you will find all characters implemented into the particular scenario. There, you can edit the Name and the name of their company (Company Name). To do so, double click Name or Company Name. The following table will have a language Key on the left side and needs your input (Value) on the right side. Your input should be next to the corresponding language Key (e.g. with en for English or de for German).

Caution: You have to delete the first line of the table (ID) in order to make your custom input to show up in-game. Caution again: As a player, you can still overwrite your custom inputs during the character selection.

This applies to the Name, too. Don’t forget to delete the ID in the first line of the table.

As soon as you have deleted the ID and your text is entered in the right place next to your corresponding language Key, your characters and companies should be in-game.

Changeable values

All general data about a scenario is located here: Global/Config. There, you will find fields for Description, DescriptionId, Name and NameId. Pretty similar to the method for characters, you can change these names and descriptions. Keep in mind to enter your text next to the corresponding language Key and to delete the DescriptionId or NameId (depending on the case) in order to make your changes valid for in-game usage.

In addition to changing Name and Description, you are able to change the following values, too:

DifficultyDifficulty displayed
GameWorldSet a region for this scenario
GravitationGravity of this scenarios
AI Character 0Character of AI #1
AI Character 1Character of AI #2
AI Character 2Character of AI #3
AI Character 3Character of AI #4
AI Start Funds 0Initial funds of AI#1
AI Start Funds 1Initial funds of AI#2
AI Start Funds 2Initial funds of AI#3
AI Start Funds 3Initial funds of AI#4
Dialog PhotosImages shown in in the task dialogue
IndianVillagesNumber of active Indian villages
Monthly InnovationPoints Monthly increase in innovation points
Length FactorScale factor for map size
LocSpeedFactorFactor for engine speed
MapFactorFactor for scores
Min AI PlayersMinimum number of AI opponents
Player starting fundsInitial funds of the player
Player starting townFirst city of the player
Player character typeCharacter of the player
Sort indexIndex for display in scenario dialogue (stars)
Start Town 0First city of AI#1
Start Town 1First city of AI#2
Start Town 2First city of AI#3
Start Town 3First city of AI#4
TechColumnMaxMaximum x value of the tech tree
TechColumnMinMinimum x value of the tech tree
TechLegacyColumnMinMinimum x value of the legacy tech tree
TechLegacyCostCosts (innovation points) of the legacy tech tree
TechStartCostCosts (innovation points) of the first technology (era)
Transport Speed (Plains)Speed of conventional transportation
StartDayDate – first day
StartMonthDate – first month
StartYearDate – first year

The Dialog Photos mentioned above are images shown in the task dialogue. Unfortunately, you cannot add your own images, but you can choose any the existing images already implemented into Railway Empire. A full list can be found under Archive (RailwayEmpire_Tasklist) and you can edit it like mentioned under Task list.

The values of TechColumnMax and TechColumnMin define the range of the tech tree. Here is a quick guide:

  • 1830 – Min: 0; Max: 9
  • 1850 – Min: 8; Max: 17
  • 1870 – Min: 16; Max: 25
  • 1890 – Min: 24; Max: 33
  • 1910 – Min: 32; Max: 41

For example, if you would like to see a tech tree that spans over all eras, you have to set TechColumMin to 0 and TechColumnMax to 41. Any “legacy” entries are referring to the tech tree of the previous era. So, for an 1850 scenario the legacy technologies would be from the 1830 era. More information about the tech tree, the legacy tech tree and the tech tree grid can be found under Technologies.


In-game your own scenario and character could look like this: