Railway Empire Modding

Hello and welcome to the tutorial for modding

This tutorial will provide all relevant information about modding Railway Empire. This tutorial and all corresponding files might not be in a final state, yet. We will update this page constantly and we will tell you about the improvements right here as soon as we have made any adjustments.


Modding Railway Empire will require the following components:

Railway EmpireExecutable application
TiledEditor for placing and editing in-game assets
Tome*.ini file library for adjusting the game's parameters
SteamOnline distribution tool with Steam Workshop for uploading and downloading custom content

This tutorial about modding Railway Empire includes the following components:

ManualHTML based tutorial
Additional materialAdditional information and material; mostly lists

If you have certain question, you should have a look at our FAQ. If you are totally new to the world of modding, you should definitely have a look at the Basics. If you already have some experience with modding, but you are not familiar with the software mentioned above, you should have a look at the chapters about Tiled and Tome.

Additional material

In addition to the tutorial, there are a couple of materials – mainly lists – about every single aspect of the game. An overview can be found here: Archive (RailwayEmpire_Overview).