Tiled – Possible mistakes

Possible mistakes

Sounds easy so far – what can go wrong?

Well, just out of experience, there are several things that could go wrong and therefore, here are some common mistakes and a quick guide on how to avoid them:

Why there are some objects that do not spawn in-game?

This could have several reasons. Within Tiled, make sure the objects are located in the right Objectlayers are following the naming conventions as stated in “How to create a map in an at least somehow balanced state?”. Furthermore, check the properties of the object itself and the properties of the Objectlayer as well. After making sure that the file is saved in the right directory, you might have another look at your exporting process. If you are able to rule out any mistakes until here so far, you might have a look at Tome. There, have a closer look at the particular city or rural business and check if all the values are in line with those you defined in the *.tmx file.

How to prevent buildings from floating on air in my new city/rural business?

Well, if you want that city/rural business at that exact place, there isn’t much you can do about it. However, if you don’t mind it, the city/rural business should still work. Anyway, this is caused by the underlying terrain. There are some flattened spots in the terrain exactly where each rural business‘ centre is located, where Indians are located, where the turntable is located and where a city is located. It might be a good idea to have a look at the „helper“ background image in Tiled as you might get a better impression of where the land is flat enough (more details at „What can I find in those files and how does it work?“ and „How to avoid visual inadequacies?„).

Why doesen’t the traditional transport work out like I planned it in Tiled?

This could have two reasons: the connection is faulty (naming, wrong layer and etcetera) or it is actually working but the route is so long, that the supply isn’t very noticeable (as traditional transports might take very much time to deliver).

Something is wrong with my new city and I can’t even place a station there – why?

This is most likely an issue with your city centre. As mentioned before under „How to edit an existing city?„, the origin of the grid (can be activated with CTRL+G in Tiled) marks the city centre and it should be located where you want the centre of a city to be – and it is not very intuitive to place it outside of a city. This might happen when you accidentally move a city with the wrong tool („Select Object Tool [S]“ instead of „Offset Layers [M]„).

Why does my custom scenario feels balanced in only one era?

This is probably attributed to missing rural businesses and/or the distribution of rural businesses. It is recommend to place even those rural businesses that are not suited to your desired era, because if you manage to do so, you will be able to copy the scenario and only adjust the era in order to make it work.

How to avoid visual inadequacies?

As this issue is of rather complex nature, I’ll just give you general hints in random order:

  • Check the Imagelayer helper before you move anything. Don’t place anything anywhere too close to mountains, rivers or very rough terrain as you probably don’t want to see your buildings halfway below the surface or slightly hovering over the terrain. You might note, that the terrain is flat in some areas where we placed e.g. whole cities, production centres, indians or the turntable by default.
  • Avoid overlapping. This is true for nearly all objects. They might work, but with overlapping it is quite possible to have a negative impact on your visual experience. The only exception that comes to mind are connections between cities and cities/rural businesses.